Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted facial or body hair is quickly becoming a thing of the past with our laser hair removal techniques. Dr. Montegut uses laser hair removal system to deliver twenty-first century technology for his patients.

Laser is a non-invasive laser specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. Using laser technology can disable hundreds of follicles, in less than 1 second, and assures long lasting results. The laser system generates laser light through a handpiece to effectively disables unwanted pigmented hair follicles in the actively growing phase of the hair cycle. Hair growth occurs through a cycle which involves an actively-growing phase and a resting phase. The laser attacks only those hairs in the growing phase, so patients may require multiple treatments.

When the pulse of light is delivered, some patients experience a mild stinging or pinching sensation. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically necessary. Some men & women undergoing laser hair removal prefer a topical anesthetic when sensitive areas are treated. The laser can remove hair from all parts of the body including the Face, Arms, Underarms, Chest, Back, and Legs.

Patients may return to normal activities immediately. A skin care regimen should be routinely used. The use of sunscreen on treated areas exposed is highly recommended.


Does skin color make a difference? 
The laser can work on a variety of skin types from very light to dark skin, with those with very fair skin responding the best. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure prior to treatment.

How many treatments are required? 
The number of treatments varies depending on a number of factors including the area to be treated, hair density, and the hair’s growth cycle. Usually 2- 5 treatments are necessary each spaced 5 weeks apart.

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