Liposuction Indentation Correction

While liposuction is a very effective approach to removing fat, it isn’t void of complications like dimples and indentions in the skin, or awkward body proportions.

Unfortunately, the emotional high of removing unwanted fat on your path to beauty is often accompanied by the emotional low associated with superficial indentations when your doctor lacks experience.

To help remedy the situation, a minimally invasive procedure called fat transfer (fat graft) is used to remove excess fat cells from one part of your body in order to create fat grafts that can then be reinserted into other parts of your body to help smoothen indentations.

What are liposuction indentions and how can Fat Transfer help?

Superficial deformities of the skin are common results of liposuction, but they’re nothing fat transfer can’t remedy. Two of the most common complications of liposuction are:

• Disproportional weight distribution between upper and lower body

When you remove fat from a regionalized area of the body like the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen, you increase the likelihood of a disproportionate distribution of body mass.

For example, if you flatten the upper thighs without addressing the lower thighs, or flatten the lower abdomen without doing the same to the upper abdomen, the result may be an unnatural appearance.

In this case, fat grafting (fat transfer) is used to restore proportion and resolve deformities created by removing too much fat from one generalized area.

• Indentions and irregularities that don’t soften over time, especially around thighs and abdomen

On parts of the body like the thighs and abdominal wall, where liposuction is performed close to the sub dermis, indentions and contouring deformities are very common.

When inexperienced doctors fail to maneuver the localized deep fat deposits of these hard to liposuction parts of the body, irregularities are the outcome.

In this case, structural fat grafting is used to smoothen out these indentions and deformities, and create a seamless surface.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Ideal candidates are those who are in good health, and wish to smoothen moderate surface irregularities associated with liposuction. Candidates should also have realistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure.

During the procedure

When you arrive to Dr. Montegut’s office, he will mark the surface of your skin where he will both extract fat cells and reinsert them.

Depending on the patient, you will either be administered a local anesthetic that will numb the treatment areas, or a general anesthetic that will put you to sleep for the duration of the procedure (both of which are administered by our board-certified anesthesiologist).

After the sedative kicks in, Dr. Montegut will make several small incisions in your body where he will use a small liposuction-like instrument to remove fat cells. Once removed, he will prepare the fat tissue as fat grafts. Once prepared, Dr. Montegut will reinsert the fat grafts using a syringe.


Pain associated with fat grafting is very minimal, and while you can expect swelling and bruising around the areas where fat was extracted and reinserted, you should be back to work within 5-7 days. Dr. Montegut will prescribe pain medicine to help ease the mild discomfort.

Dr. Montegut will also send you home with compression garments to help with the welling and circulation of blood.

Consultation with Dr. Montegut

For more information regarding a fat transfer for liposuction deformities and indentions, call us today at 949-706-2711 and set up a consultation with Dr.Montegut.


Liposuction Indentation Correction
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