Hand Rejuvenation

During youth, our skin is padded with a smooth layer of fat that promotes a healthy, natural appearance replete with volume and congruency. However, as we age, this layer of fat slowly dissipates, especially around the face and hands.

Unfortunately, other than our faces, our hands are the second most exposed parts of our body, and when this layer of fat “dissolves”, all we’re left with are unsightly veins and tendons, and a thin layer of skin.

With fat transfer hand rejuvenation, Dr. Montegut uses a liposuction-like instrument to carefully extract fat cells from different parts of your body, and replaces that thin layer of fat you once had with fat grafts.

The result?
Smoother, fuller, youthful looking hands.

Ideal candidate
Ideal candidates for fat transfer hand rejuvenation have realistic expectations, and understand the limitations of the procedure in regards to your body’s natural aging process. While other fat transfer procedures like facial contouring and breast enhancement involve a great deal of fat cells, hand rejuvenation requires very little fat transfer, so candidates of all weights are eligible.

But if you’re in good health and wish to restore volume to your hands, then hand rejuvenation is a great, minimally invasive solution.

What to expect
While results vary, candidates undergoing fat grafting for your hands should expect to:

  • Restore fullness around your joints and fingers
  • Soften outlines of tendons and bones in the hand
  • Smoothen the appearance of your hands

During procedure
During your procedure, Dr. Montegut will make 2-3 tiny incisions around the areas of your body where he has predetermined he will extract the fat cells from. Once he “harvests” the stubborn fat cells from your body, he will prepare them as fat grafts to be reinserted back into your hands. After the fat grafts are prepared, Dr. Montegut will use a syringe to inject the fat cells between your fingers and in the creases of the wrist.

Results and recovery
Fat transfer hand rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure with little to no pain or downtime involved. After your procedure, patients should try to keep their hands elevated for 24 hours, and then rest them as much as possible for the week following the surgery. Dr. Montegut will prescribe a pain medication to help minimize pain, but expect to experience mild bruising and swelling for several days after the procedure.

Consultation with Dr. Montegut for your Hand Rejuvenation
During your consultation, Dr. Montegut well educate you on the fat transfer process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Because all patients have different needs, your consultation is when Dr. Montegut will provide you with a personalized approach for your specific hand rejuvenation procedure. To set up a consultation with Dr. Montegut, call 949-706-2711 today.


Hand Rejuvenation
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