Breast and Buttock Enhancement

Fat transfer for your breast and buttocks is a minimally invasive approach to improving irregularities in size and shape, and enhancing the natural appearance of your breasts and buttocks without the use of implants or artificial injectables.Through a procedure known as fat transfer (fat grafts, fat transplantation, mico-lipo injection), Dr. Montegut removes the fat from your body’s problem areas (thighs, back, flanks, etc.) using a specialized instrument, and reinserts it into your breasts or buttocks to help restore a more natural, congruent, and shapelier look.

Are you a good candidate?
All fat transfer candidates should be in fairly good health, and no more than 25-30 pounds overweight. In most cases, patients with low body fat don’t have enough excess fat to remove.
A good candidate for fat transfer of the breasts wants to:
  • Make small-to-moderate improvements in their breasts overall size
  • Repair “ripples” due to breast implants or reconstruction
  • Correct irregularities in size discrepancies and shape
  • Restore the natural appearance of your breasts post-partum

A good candidate for fat transfer of the buttocks wants to:

  •  Balance out a disproportionately large upper body
  •  Round out buttocks
  •  Reduce their waist-to-hip ratio w/o increasing body mass
What to expect during the procedure?
After you arrive at Dr. Montegut’s office on the day of your procedure, he’ll carefully prepare you for your fat transfer by marking the areas on your body you wish to contour. Once prepared, a board-certified Anesthesiologist will administer a local anesthesis to sedate you throughout the entirety of your fat transfer procedure. Dr. Montegut will then make several small incisions and extract fat cells from those stubborn fat areas around your body using a small liposuction-like instrument. Once extracted, he’ll carefully prepare the cells as grafts, and reinsert them back into your body so they can reincorporate with your soft tissue as if they were native to the area all along.

After the procedure is over, Dr. Montegut and his staff will closely monitor your recovery until you are fully awake and aware. Then Dr. Montegut will provide you with post-operative instructions and send you on your way with a light body dressing and a supportive garment.

Recovery Period and Results

Unlike a regular breast or buttocks augmentation (implant), the downtime associated with a fat transfer enhancement is relatively short and painless. Expect moderate bruising and some swelling to the treated area for about a week, give or take a few days. Dr. Montegut will prescribe a pain medication for your mild discomfort, and you’ll be given a compression garment or supportive bra depending on what procedure you had.

The compression garments and supportive bras should be worn 24-hours a day for the first week, as they will help reduce swelling and ease the pain. After the first week, we recommend you continue to wear the garments during the day only for the second week. Most people return to work within the first week, though you should avoid strenuous, high-impact activity for the first 3-4 weeks following your procedure.

Schedule your fat transfer consultation with Dr. Montegut. To schedule your fat transfer for breast or buttocks enhancement consultation, call Dr. Montegut at 949-706-2711, or visit his Newport Beach board-certified practice.

During your consultation, Dr. Montegut will answer any additional questions you may have, especially those regarding costs of the procedure, scope of your procedure, and whether or not you are in fact a good candidate for fat transfer.


Breast and Buttock Enhancement
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