Buttock Augmentation

For women who are unsatisfied with the size or shape of their buttocks, Dr. Montegut provides them with the option of gaining the body contour they have always wanted through buttock augmentation surgery.

Dr. Montegut helps women who are unable to develop their gluteal muscles, lack buttock fat, or simply want a better-contoured upper or mid-buttock area. The buttocks can be augmented either with your own fat or using an implant custom-designed specifically for your body shape.

The Initial Consultation 

If you are considering buttock augmentation schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Montegut. During your initial consultation, Dr. Montegut will discuss with you what is unsatisfactory about the contour of your buttocks and what results you would like to achieve.

Dr. Montegut will also inform you about the buttock augmentation procedure, what risks are associated with the procedure, what recovery will be like, and what results you can expect to see. You will also be able to view examples of different buttock implants and decide which type you would like to have.

Buttock implants are created out of a silicone elastomer that is a light, soft-solid. Silicone elastomer is the same material that facial implants, leg implants, and torso implants are made out of, and it is designed to resist wear and tear.

After evaluating your body and determining if you are a good candidate for buttock augmentation surgery.

During the buttock implant procedure, you will be placed under general anesthesia. After making the incisions, Dr. Montegut will create the buttock implant pockets in either buttock. Once the implant pockets have been created, he will insert the buttock implants and position them so that they are symmetrical. He will then close the incision(s) and you will be able to begin recovery.

If you have augmentation with fat, the fat will be harvested from your abdomen or other areas and injected in the buttock region.

While recovering, you will need to wear a special undergarment to help support the position of the buttock implants and to reduce swelling. Since the buttock implants will be placed directly in the sitting area. When using the bathroom, you will be encouraged to place as little pressure on the area as possible. Although you will be able and are encouraged, to stand and walk one or two days following the buttock augmentation, you should not return to work for at least two weeks. You will be able to return to more strenuous activities and exercise after about a month.

If you had buttock augmentation using your own fat, recovery is very rapid and there are few post-operative restrictions.


Buttock Augmentation
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